Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an app for this?
   Yes. Jouk is an application designed for mobile phones. You need to download and install the application from App Store or Google Play. Similarly, everyone you are able to discover by using the app, must have the app installed in their mobile device.

Login and Signup

Why do you need my phone number?
What is Digits by Twitter? Do I need Twitter?


Can I reserve a username?
Do I really have to have a photo?
What about the description?
How to message & contact other users?
Inappropriate content.
How to block and report abusive users?
Can I save or acces user profiles whenever I want?


How do I add a profile photo?
Can I change my photo?
Can I send photos to other users?
Why my photo is tilted sideways?


Why can't I see other users?
How can I search for more people?
Profile image and description is not showing.
I'm not online but I can still see others.
My GPS is disabled but Jouk still knows where I am?
Bluetooth and battery drain?
Bluetooth pairing requests.

If you still have questions

Check out this open discussion for support in Twitter @JoukHelp.

If you are still experiencing problems, you can email
Your email should include the following information:

jouk app