Have you noticed that people are constantly messaging, sharing and feeding, collecting likes or points with their mobile devices? They are looking for social validation, while at the same time they are not engaging in any social activity with those who are right there with them in the same place at the same time.

This made me wonder, how I behave around other people? Simply by asking from my family and friends, I found out that I’m usually just staring at my phone and not paying any attention to others.

This is how it is. Technology shapes how people communicate and behave. We can not change this fact. You may have noticed that there have been social attempts to ban mobile phones, some of us have quit using social media and now you can even buy a new hipster designed mobile phone which can be used only for making phone calls. This kind of approach through reduction does not seem plausible as a long term solution. What we need is something that supports people in real world social situations.

We decided to create something new based on these values:

  1. Being present and in the moment instead of being online
  2. Real world interaction instead of remote messaging
Our mission is to help and support people in real world social encounters. If you share our passion for change and want to join the movement, you are welcome to share our message.
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Kustaa Kivelä
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